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Fresh Green Peas with Basil and Mint

“Eat your peas,” I think a lot of us can remember that saying growing up. I think the humble pea is a bit underrated and should be in your rotation more. They’re healthy, sweet, versatile and convenient. I enjoy making this recipe, specifically because it can be turned into a few different dishes. The ingredients in this recipe all work well together and can take on whatever you want to add to it. You can add a protein, turn it into pasta, a soup or puree or just leave as is. I used fresh peas for this recipe but frozen works great as well. Hope you enjoy.


Recipe by Mark Calaminici | Food Loves Company

Serves 4-6


2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

3 tbsp. unsalted butter

½ or 20g small red onion, finely chopped

Salt, to taste

Freshly cracked pepper, to taste

Chili flakes, to taste

400g fresh or frozen peas, rinsed

6 large basil leaves, torn or chopped

4 large mint leaves, torn or chopped

Lemon zest, to taste

Pecorino Romano, to taste, finely grated


1. In a large pan on low-med heat, add extra virgin olive oil, butter, onions and season with salt, freshly cracked pepper and chili flakes. Sauté until tender.

2. Get an ice bath ready. Salt a pot of boiling water and add fresh peas. Give a stir and after 2-3 minutes remove. The peas will start to float to the top. Place peas in an ice bath. Then remove peas and place in a bowl. If using frozen peas, you can skip this step.

3. Place peas in the pan with sauce mixture. Add basil, mint and lemon zest. Mix and toss to coat, until the peas are warmed through. If adding cheese into the peas, turn off or remove pan from heat, add cheese and mix in. You can garnish with cheese as well, or you can do both! Serve immediately.


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