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Italian Style Nachos

Who doesn’t love nachos? Layers upon layers of delicious tasty ingredients. Nachos are such a great appetizer and can even be turned into a meal. I love this recipe because I was able to use some of my favourite go-to ingredients. That’s what makes nachos so fun to make, fully customizable to you. Also, this recipe is to taste, so add as little or as much of each ingredient you like. I think with nachos it’s up to you with how “heavy” you want them to be. These nachos are my favourite to make and even have a bit of an Italian twist to them, hope you enjoy.


Recipe by Mark Calaminici | Food Loves Company

Serves 4-6


Corn tortillas, cut into quarters, to taste

Canola oil, for frying

Salt, to taste

Cherry tomatoes, quartered, to taste

Pepperoncini, sliced or chopped, to taste

Basil, torn, to taste

Green onion, sliced, to taste

Extra virgin olive oil, to taste

Balsamic glaze, to taste

Freshly cracked pepper, to taste

Bomba calabrese, to taste

Sour cream, to taste

Sausage, mild, sweet or hot, to taste

Castelvetrano olives, pitted and chopped, to taste

Mozzarella, low moisture, coarsely grated, to taste

Provolone dolce, coarsely grated, to taste

Soppressata, thick cut (1/4" to 1/2") cut into small cubes, to taste

Parmigiano-Reggiano, finely grated, to taste

Dried oregano, to taste


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Add enough canola oil or any neutral oil to a pot. About a quarter to half way up the pot, depending on how many tortillas you’re frying. Turn heat to medium-high and heat until the oil reaches 350 degrees or until hot, if you do not have a thermometer. You can do a test with one chip to see how hot the oil is.

3. Place enough tortillas into the hot oil but do not overcrowd and fry in small batches. Use a spider strainer or slotted spoon to push the tortillas into the oil to cook. Once the tortillas are lightly browned remove to a bowl or plate lined with paper towel and season with salt. Repeat with remaining tortillas.

4. Combine cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini, basil, green onion, oil, balsamic glaze, salt and pepper into a bowl. Mix until well coated and place in fridge.

5. For the bomba sour cream, combine bomba sauce and sour cream, mix to combine and set aside in the fridge. Adjust the ratio to your tastes.

6. In a pan on medium heat, add sausage and cook, stirring occasionally. You can break up the sausage into pieces with a wooden spoon. I like to brown up the sausage as they start to get crispy, so let the sausage sit a bit undisturbed to get a bit crispy and colour. Once sausage is cooked remove and set aside in a bowl.

7. On a sheet pan, lined with parchment paper, add one layer of tortillas down. Add some sausage, olives, mozzarella, provolone and soppressata. Continue to layer with remaining tortillas and ingredients. Once done, add Parmigiano-Reggiano and place in the oven until the cheese has fully melted.

8. Remove nachos and garnish with cherry tomato salsa, bomba sour cream and oregano. Serve immediately and enjoy.


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